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Keyfacts in English

VDZ (Association of German Magazine Publishers) represents the common interests of 490 German Consumer and B2B publishers, with 14.5 billion in revenues and 60,000 employees. With more than 9,000 journalists, 6,500 magazine titles, thousands of websites and mobile offerings, plus a fast growing conference and corporate publishing business, Germany’s magazine media sector represents one of the strongest international publishing markets across all platforms.

VDZ's 490 members represent around 90 per cent of the industry turnover and all media channels. The VDZ is composed of five federal state associations and the three professional associations for consumer magazines, B2B and confessional press.

In times of disruptive change VDZ supports its members on all relevant regulatory fields with the aim to ensure the free and independent press driven by entrepreneurs will stay competitive and relevant in the future. Well-informed lawmaking, minimal invasive regulation and sound industry self-regulation supports the pluralism and independence of journalism and the free press in Germany and Europe.

Facts & Figures

“Magazine Media and the Free Press: Relevant, independent, entrepreneurial”

Affiliated Organisations


Verlegerrecht, Urheberrecht, Publishers Right, Europa

We, the undersigned organisations, representing authors, composers, writers, journalists, photographers and others working in all artistic fields,...

Verlegerrecht, Urheberrecht, Publishers Right, Europa

Für den Erhalt der europäischen Pressevielfalt

VDZPN18, Publishers' Night, Goldene Victoria

The Queen will deliver a laudatory speech at VDZ Publishers' Night in Berlin on November 5th

DISummit, IDG, Matt Egan

Two examples from tech based publishers at the Digital Innovators' Summit 2018

DISummit, Google EMEA, Alexander Bregman

Alexander Bregman, Strategic Partner Development Manager at Google EMEA, explained how the combination of Google Assistant and the rise of smart...

DISummit, Cheddar Inc., Melissa Rosenthal

Melissa Rosenthal, Cheddar Inc.’s EVP, provided insight into the thinking behind Cheddar, its journalism and business model.

DISummit, Axel Springer, Andreas Wiele

From being described as an “internet midget” losing hundreds of millions a mere 17 years ago, Axel Springer managed to rebuild itself into a digital...

DISummit, Facebook, Guido Bülow, Jesper Doub

The relationship between publishers and platforms, and in particular Facebook, was never far from conversation at several sessions at FIPP and VDZ’s...

DISummit, Blockchain, Ingo Rübe, Daniel Sieberg

Blockchain is a technology that its champions believe will transform many industries. Ingo Rübe and Daniel Sieberg take a look at Digital Innovators'...