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Meet the Founder - Berlin Start-up Tour

Print & Digital Digitale Medien Startseite

To get more out of the Innovators' Summit, join us for a guided look into the dynamic Berlin start-up scene!

The Digital Innovators' Summit (DIS) 2015 offers participants the rare opportunity to visit select Berlin startups that can potentially impact media businesses right at their respective workplaces. The topic of mobile trends is the key theme of the startups featured in the Meet the Founder Tour 2015.

You have the choice of two Meet the Founder tours, conveniently timed one day before the main conference and as an alternative program in the afternoon of the second day (24 March) of the conference:

Sunday, 22 March 2015
The Sunday programme starts at 12:30 with a light lunch at St. Oberholz, a hub of the digital scene in Berlin.The group will then proceed to the DIS Media Hack Day hackathon to see some of the presentations by the developer teams - this is an exciting and exclusive benefit for participants of the start-up tour, since the hackathon is closed to the public! Afterwards, the group will visit 5 startup companies before heading over to the DIS evening reception around 19:00. For a timeline and details about the companies, please take a look at the Sunday Programme.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015
The Tuesday tour begins at 13:00 during lunchtime at the DIS and is an alternative afternoon program. After lunch, the group will visit 3 startup companies and the editorial office of Gründerszene, a magazine for founders, entrepreneurs and startups, which promises additional insights into startup trends. The tour will conclude at 18:20 back at the conference center. For a timeline and details about the companies, please take a look at the Tuesday Programme.

Please note: If you are interested in the Tuesday startup tour, please register no later than this Friday, since conducting this tour will depend on actual interest.

Note: These are booked in addition to the 2 day Summit conference. You can also participate in the tours without attending the DIS!

Space is limited on the tours! Click here to reserve your spot on the Meet the Founder tour.

Have questions? Please contact Anja Mumm (a.mumm(at)vdz.de).

Click here for more information!