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EMMA welcomes new Chairman of Corporate Advisory Group

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The European Magazine Media Association, EMMA, welcomes the new Chairman of EMMA’s Corporate Advisory Group (CAG), Dr. Thilo von Trott, Head of Public Affairs at Gruner + Jahr in Germany.

His predecessor, Patrick de Borchgrave, Director External Relations at Roularta Media in Belgium, chaired CAG since 2009. Under his leadership CAG developed into a valuable platform within EMMA that gathers 27 of the biggest media companies across Europe.

EMMA’s Corporate Advisory Group is a platform for knowledge exchange, policy briefings and active shaping of an appropriate business environment for magazine publishing houses across Europe. Members contribute their expertise to very specific questions, meet with European policy makers and provide insights into trends, opportunities and challenges of the fast-changing media landscape.

Under the leadership of Mr. de Borchgrave, CAG members kicked off a continuous dialogue with different parts of the European Commission, such as DG Connect, DG Market and DG Sanco, and helped to engage with Members of the European Parliament on topics that require media expertise.

“We live in times of fundamental challenges for the magazine media sector,” said David Hanger, President of EMMA. “The European legislator is challenging Europe’s media in many ways. With Thilo’s help EMMA and its Corporate Advisory Group will work towards a business environment that leaves room for innovation.”

The incoming CAG Chairman, Dr. Thilo von Trott, was Vice-Chairman of CAG for several years and knows the EU context very well. , The magazine publisher he represents, Gruner + Jahr, reaches readers and users in more than 30 countries with over 500 media activities, magazines and digital offers, amongst them such well-known magazine brands as GEO, Stern, National Geographic, Brigitte and Gala.

“I am looking forward to supporting EMMA by strengthening the CAG network across Europe, sharing insights and expertise on media trends and ensuring that European politicians take informed decisions in areas that are crucial for media innovation,” said Dr. von Trott.