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Editorial or advertising: what matters is storytelling

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What matters today is the art of storytelling, whether editorial or advertising. [Sponsored article brought to you by Applix (with Viewer+)].

Article brought to you by Applix (with Viewer+).

No content business today can draw a decisive line between editorial and advertising in terms of presentation to an audience ever-starved of time, and bombarded by a mix of millions of signals in any given day.

In the age of abundance and of building relationships, content has to convey both context and message. It must impact, it must be memorable and it must convey in the shortest, clearest possible way both the meaning and the value of the exchange of information. Moreover, it must be many things at once: stunning and meaningful, commercial and inspiring, informative and entertaining.

In this age, editorial content increasingly resembles advertising and advertising increasingly editorial, borrowing elements from one another. And in this blurring of lines, we also see video infuse text, text infuse video and social infusing both. It creates impact; it allows your brand to rise above the noise, and it helps you develop and build your audience relationships in a way never seen before.

What matters today is the art of storytelling, whether editorial or advertising.

Following are two examples of how Applix (with Viewer+) mashed text and video to enhance experiential and commercial appeal of the content, thus tailoring it for the mobile generation.

In Grazia (China), advertisers often want to add extra video to their classic advertising. In issue number 112 (p29), G Star decided to infuse a classic ad page with creative to show how denim is created from cotton threads, choreographing the power of sight and sound to powerfully engage the reader.

Ciak is one of Italy’s most important monthly magazines focused on cinema, and was one of the early adopters of video. They understood video as an important multimedia element to capture the attention of the reader. Articles about upcoming releases included video interviews with the main actors and/or trailer videos, directly from the page, offering far more depth than previously possible, to the delight of their “readers”.

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