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Distripress Congress Barcelona 2011

Print & Digital Vertrieb

New President and Vice-President elected

After four successful days for all participants, the 56th Distripress Congress, held in Barcelona, Spain from October 17th - 20th, closed its doors by welcoming the new President Tony Jashanmal (for the second consecutive term) and Vice-President Hinnerk de Boer for 2011-2014. The Congress attracts a global audience of circulation, distribution and other supply chain specialists who meet on an annual basis to share information and to develop partnerships. The formal business discussions between publishers and distributors attracted 960 participants arriving from 74 countries and representing almost 330 publishers, distributors and suppliers to the press industry.

With an attendance of over 485 delegates the second annual Distripress Forum on the first day of the congress was the best-attended trade conference in the history of the association. Using a new short format with a maximum time of 15 minutes per presentation a total of 23 speakers shared their views with delegates.

The Opening Ceremony on Monday morning started with a cultural programme of Catalan music and dance followed by a welcome to Barcelona from Josep Marti, Secretary of Communication of the Catalan Government and a keynote speech of José Manuel Lara, President of Planeta Group. Distripress President Tony Jashanmal underlined that the future of printed press will depend on the industry’s ability to adapt itself to the changing media environment and changing expectations and reading habits of its consumers.

The new governing body of Distripress called the Executive Committee has been elected (term 2011-2014) and members of the committee were introduced at the 2011 General Assembly on Monday evening. The Executive Committee’s first task was to elect from its members the new President and Vice President of the association. The new elected President is: Tony Jashanmal, Jashanmal National - Company, United Arab Emirates and the new elected Vice-President is: Hinnerk de Boer, Hungaropress, Hungary