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Be Part of the DIS Hackathon 21-22 March 2015

Print & Digital Digitale Medien International Startseite Innovators' Summit - ENGLISH

We invite you to become involved with our 3rd Media Hack Day hackathon on 21-22 March 2015 which will bring together media and developer communities to create new products. This exciting event takes place in Berlin, Germany ahead of our annual Digital Innovators' Summit (the main programme is on 23 and 24 March). Media Hack Day is organised by FIPP and VDZ, in partnership with Axel Springer MEDIA ENTREPRENEURS and DIS partner emediaSF.

The topic is "the connected car" and the challenge to developers is to come up with novel ideas of how to use content within the "connected car" environment.


Be part of the Media Hack Day hackathon and find new ways to reinvent and reengineer content for the digital age. Join us if you are an individual developer, designer or established hackathon team or send your technical team-members to the event. Over 100 participants will team up and use APIs provided by the participating companies to come up with disruptive products that aim to provide an edge in the market. The teams will have only 24 hours to develop and to present something extraordinary. This is a chance to gain recognition in the startup and media communities. Prizes will be awarded to the top teams.


Are you a media company offering APIs for your products? Here is a great opportunity to see what ideas and products teams of developers, designers and hackers can come up with using your APIs in a short amount of time. Benefits include:

  • Build and strengthen your network to the tech-/developer-ecosystem
  • Get new inspirations about potential usage of your existing API/ database
  • Appear as an official API-partner to the event

If you are interested in being an API partner for the 21-22 March 2015 event, please contact us. Here were the partners for the 15-16 November 2014 Media Hack Day:


For companies that want to support and gain awareness with the developer, designer and hacker community, sponsoring Media Hack Day is a great way to do it. Please contact Birgit Altstoetter in Berlin or Andre Glazier in London for sponsorship opportunities.

If you are interested in participating or sending your team-members to the event, please reply by 15 January 2015.

To join or get more information (including the Media Hack Day media pack), please contact the appropriate FIPP and/or VDZ team member below.

General enquiries:

API Partners:


The Media Hack Days are an extension of our successful annual Digital Innovators' Summit, which brings together leading industry speakers and about 600 media executives and managers to learn, share and discuss digital and mobile media innovations. The 2015 Summit programme will feature a session on 23 March showcasing top projects and the winners of the 3rd Media Hack Day.

Media Hack Day Overview

For more information, visit the Media Hack Day page on the DIS website. Overview videos of past Media Hack Days are below:
o    Overview: 2nd DIS@Media Hackday (November 2014)
o    Overview: 1st DIS@Media Hackday (March 2014) (2nd video on the page)

Visit the Media Hack Day Facebook page, website and page on the Hacker League website for more videos, photos and information.

The DIS team