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B2B publishers discuss engagement at FIPP Congress

International Startseite

A panel of experts from global B2B companies today discussed audience engagement at the FIPP Congress today (12 October) in New Delhi, India.

Yuko Tanaka, director, international sales, marketing and communications, Nikkei BP, Japan, said the company has done a lot of research into finding out how its customers engage with its brands and portals online. “We are finding that our customers are accessing our portals via iPhone in the morning, possibly during a commute, via PC during the day, when they are in the office and via iPad in the evening, when they are at home.” Tanaka also said that the company’s main focus this year has been on social media, smart phones and integration.

Kevin Costello, chief executive, Haymarket Media Group, UK (pictured), spoke of the company’s “digital transition”, saying: “We had to re-learn how to manage a media business, which was digitally driven. We have pursued an aggressive online migration strategy, and continue to innovate and engage our audiences with our ever-evolving range of media.”

Pradeep Gupta, chairman, Cyber Media, India, said that his company is continuously engaging with a multitude of platforms, including mobile, SMS, event portals, social media, UGC, webinars and more recently, QR codes.

Picture courtesy of Exchange4Media.