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Best Practices rund um die Welt
Auf den internationalen Touren bieten VDZ und VDZ Akademie einen Einblick in spannende Märkte weltweit. Durch Besuche bei Medienhäusern, digitalen Global Playern und innovativen Start-ups, besteht die Möglichkeit, Branchen und Best Cases kennenzulernen.


DISummit, Apple, Subscription

At a live event on Monday afternoon, Apple launched its USD$9.99 per month news and magazine subscription platform, something like a Spotify for...

DISummit, New York Times, Personalisation

The last session of the first day at DIS featured Nick Rockwell, the CTO of New York Times. He took as his theme ‘News in the Age of Algorithmic...

DISummit, Vogue, Condé Nast

On 28 January Condé Naste launched Vogue Business – an online B2B title aimed at fashion industry executives. Editor Lauren Indvik told DIS 2019 why...

DISummit, FIPP, Innovation in Media World Report

The tenth anniversary edition of the ‘Innovation in Media World Report’ was introduced to 500 media executives from more than 40 nations at the...

DISummit, Axel Springer, work cultures, journalism

It is not only necessary for media companies to change their work cultures to fight for the future of journalism, the media industry needs to work...

DISummit, Paid Content, Bloomberg

Paid content has been a surprising success for Bloomberg after launching a paywall in May last year. The next target is to double their subscriptions...