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Best Practices rund um die Welt
Auf den internationalen Touren bieten VDZ und VDZ Akademie einen Einblick in spannende Märkte weltweit. Durch Besuche bei Medienhäusern, digitalen Global Playern und innovativen Start-ups, besteht die Möglichkeit, Branchen und Best Cases kennenzulernen.


DISummit, Digital Innovation, Digitalisierung, GDPR

At DIS 2020 Oliver von Wersch, the founder of media consultants vonwerschpartner and a veteran of several high profile European publishers, will...

DISummit, Digital Innovation, Digitalisierung, Machine Learning

Rebekah Billingsley is Global Innovation Director, Cedar Communications a UK based company that has innovated in the use of the new generation of data...

DISummit, Digital Innovation, Digitalisierung

Scott Lamb explains Medium’s publishing strength and the centrality of building relationships between readers and editorial entities. He also looks...


Almar Latour, Publisher for Barron’s Group and EVP at Dow Jones, is a US-based Dutch national with a 360 degree view of financial and business media...

DISummit, Digital Innovation, Digitalisierung, Vogel Communications

At DIS 2020 the company's chairman and managing director, Matthias Bauer, will outline his vision for the Vogel of tomorrow - a company that works...

DI Summit

The Digital Entertainment Group monitors the changes and advises its members on how to respond. At DIS 2020 we are going to be welcoming the group’s...