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Best Practices rund um die Welt
Auf den internationalen Touren bieten VDZ und VDZ Akademie einen Einblick in spannende Märkte weltweit. Durch Besuche bei Medienhäusern, digitalen Global Playern und innovativen Start-ups, besteht die Möglichkeit, Branchen und Best Cases kennenzulernen.


For speakers, delegates or exhibitors who may be concerned about the current COVID-19 outbreak

We are actively and continuously monitoring the...

DISummit, Digital Innovation, Digitalisierung

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DISummit, Digital Innovation, Digitalisierung, Business of Women

Many publishers have been eyeing the huge and potentially lucrative Chinese market for years now. Yet China is a vast and complex country and its...

DISummit, Digital Innovation, Digitalisierung, Vox Media

Erica Anderson is among those who have made the move from tech giant to innovative publisher. At DIS 2020 Erica will talk about how to build new media...

DISummit, Digital Innovation, Digitalisierung, GDPR

At DIS 2020 Oliver von Wersch, the founder of media consultants vonwerschpartner and a veteran of several high profile European publishers, will...

DISummit, Digital Innovation, Digitalisierung, Machine Learning

Rebekah Billingsley is Global Innovation Director, Cedar Communications a UK based company that has innovated in the use of the new generation of data...