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Best Practices rund um die Welt
Auf den internationalen Touren bieten VDZ und VDZ Akademie einen Einblick in spannende Märkte weltweit. Durch Besuche bei Medienhäusern, digitalen Global Playern und innovativen Start-ups, besteht die Möglichkeit, Branchen und Best Cases kennenzulernen.


DISummit, Digital Innovation, Digital, VDZ, FIPP

The postponed Digital Innovators' Summit 2020 will run online for the first time and take place alongside the 43rd FIPP World Media Congress from 2 to...

DISummit, Digital Innovation, FIPP, Coronavirus, COVID-19

The media as an industry is more than ready to embrace the challenge of Coronavirus. Following on from a decade of digital transformation, media...

DISummit, Digital Innovation, FIPP, FIPP World Congress

Nachholtermin im September parallel zum FIPP World Congress in Portugal


At DIS 2020 Peter will be explaining how „Wer liefert was,“ a 90 year old company reinvented itself as an agile internet enterprise. Here he talks of...


At DIS 2020 Marcus will be presenting with Alexander Babing, Director New Business of Unitb, the company who built the web CMS and delivery platform...


For speakers, delegates or exhibitors who may be concerned about the current COVID-19 outbreak

We are actively and continuously monitoring the...