Less than one week left to save €1,000+ with our DIS 2016 launch offer!

25.08.2015 -

Register before 31 August for the DIS 2016 in Berlin to save over €1,000 

Exclusive DIS interview with BuzzFeed’s Scott Lamb

19.08.2015 -

‘We still like to think of ourselves as a start-up’ - BuzzFeed’s VP International Scott Lamb tells DIS contributor Ashley Norris in this exclusive interview about the media company’s plans for news, video and advertising. 

Limited time only: book now to save €1,000+ on DIS2016 tickets

14.08.2015 -

Speakers from France, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and United States have already been confirmed for the Digital Innovators’ Summit (DIS) in Berlin, taking place from 20-22 March 2016. Registration for DIS 2016 is... 


Future trends in native advertising

13.08.2015 -

One of the most significant announcements in advertising this year came not from a publisher or an ad agency but from a tech company.  

Go for IT!

13.08.2015 -

3. VDZ Tech Summit am 24./25. November 2015 in Hamburg | Programm online, jetzt noch Early Bird-Rate sichern 

Five innovative publishing start ups - The Pool, Wait But Why and more

10.08.2015 -

Contributed by Sadie Hale. Innovation in publishing is invariably driven by technology as media brands create content for new devices like smartwatches or tablets. Yet there are other ways publishers can innovate, whether it... 

What do Buzzfeed, Facebook, Hearst, The Onion, Vice have in common?

04.08.2015 -

The Digital Innovators' Summit (DIS) presents the people from around the world who are shaping tomorrow's media, and these are just some of the many leading companies that have been on stage at the DIS before. With media and... 

11 reasons to join us at Digital Innovators' Summit 2016

30.07.2015 -

Apart from the chance to save €1,000+ on the final delegate rate if you book today, there are several other reasons to join us for the Digital Innovators' Summit (DIS) in Berlin, Germany from 20-22 March 2016. Here’s why you... 


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