"Creativity right now is the most valuable asset in your business"

25.03.2015 -

8. Digital Innovators' Summit erfolgreicher denn je 

Paid content models: lessons learned

24.03.2015 -

In a double session dedicated to paid content this morning at the Digital Innovators' Summit, Kelly Leach, CEO, Piano Media, used publishing examples to demonstrate how these models are being implemented to monetise content, and... 


BBC Good Food on innovation in advertising

24.03.2015 -

Chris Kerwin, head of UK publishing at BBC Worldwide, spoke this morning at the Digital Innovators’ Summit about how the BBC offers innovative advertising solutions, focusing particularly on the company’s BBC Good Food brand 

How the Daily Beast engages Millennials

24.03.2015 -

John Avlon, editor-in-chief of the Daily Beast spoke to attendees at today’s Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin about the "thirst for quality journalism that can connect with Millennial generation," and explained how the site... 

Cannes Lions CEO on the amplification of creativity

24.03.2015 -

Phil Thomas, CEO of the Cannes Lions Festival told attendees today at the Digital Innovators' Summit that creativity, simplicity and technology are the most important ingredients for success in the modern world 

"If you accept change you never grow old" - 8. Digital Innovators' Summit 2015 feiert Veränderungen

24.03.2015 -

Digital Innovators' Summit steht ganz im Zeichen veränderter Konsumentengewohnheiten und neuer Monetarisierungsmöglichkeiten 

Hewlett-Packard on the "next industrial revolution" - 3D printing

23.03.2015 -

Shane Wall, SVP and CTO, printer and personal systems, Hewlett-Packard, USA, spoke in the final session today at the Digital Innovators’ Summit about innovations in technology and what we can expect in the future 


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