Driverless cars - and the opportunities they offer media companies

07.09.2016 -

Will driverless cars present media companies with even more opportunities to engage with consumers? It is among the many topics that will be considered at the Digital Innovators' Summit in Berlin in 2017. For more details on how... 

How drones are changing journalism - media technologist Ben Kreimer on storytelling from the air

06.09.2016 -

Over the past few years there have been countless excellent examples of the use of drones in journalism. From filming in war ravaged areas through to capturing amazing action sports footage, drones are becoming a key tool for... 

Editorial-Media-Kampagne: Anzeigenmotive für Fachverlage verfügbar

18.08.2016 -

"Editorial Media" – so heißt die Gattungsmarketingkampagne, die der VDZ für die Werbevermarktung von Verlagsangeboten im vergangenen Jahr ins Leben gerufen hat. In Kooperation mit der Deutschen Fachpresse wurden... 


You are welcome to wait and see, but for the best deals act now!

08.08.2016 -

A record number of delegates attended DIS 2016 in March this year, many of them taking advantage of our 2016 launch offer to book their places at a hugely discounted rate. They could do so because over the years DIS has... 

In the loop: this week’s key industry news

06.08.2016 -

We bring you a selection of the stories which have caught our eye this week. «  Key differences between content marketing and native advertising «  The NYT on Snapchat’s appeal to brands «  Instagram Stories... 

DIS 2017 launches with €800 discount offer

04.08.2016 -

Make big savings for next year's event when you book before August 31 

10 reasons to join the 10th Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin

04.08.2016 -

Apart from the chance to save €800 on the final delegate rate if you book for Digital Innovators' Summit (DIS) 2017, below are 10 other reasons to sign up for DIS 2017 today. The 10th Digital Innovators' Summit (DIS) takes place... 

Great opportunities for publishers

29.07.2016 -

The commitment to compete in the new digital reality // Beitrag von Duncan Edwards, President and CEO (bis Ende Juni 2016), Hearst Magazines International | erschienen im Kompendium "VDZ 2016" 

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